2 Hours Exploring the Memorials Around the Tidal Basin

Take a tour by land and by sea of the iconic National Mall memorials along the Tidal Basin.

Stop One

Paddle to President Jefferson

1501 Maine Avenue SW Rent a paddle boat on the banks of the Tidal Basin and glide over to the Jefferson Memorial, where you can see the founding father and third president of the United States standing sentry over his marble memorial.


Stop Two

Find FDR’s favorite Washington resident

400 West Basin Drive SW Head toward West Potomac Park along the Tidal Basin and make a stop at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. The memorial is split into four outdoor rooms that mark the popular president’s four terms in office. Be sure to snap a pic with the statue of Roosevelt and his beloved dog, Fala.


Stop Three

Remember the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.

1964 Independence Avenue SW The next memorial along the Tidal Basin loop is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. See the 30-foot statue of MLK Jr. that stands in the sightline of both the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and let the civil rights leader’s words of wisdom resonate with you at the memorial’s Inscription Wall, featuring 14 of his most famous quotes.


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